Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide will prepare you with a selection of our products that will make the best gifts for this upcoming holiday. Valentine’s Day as we know it is a celebration of romantic love, with the primary activity being the exchange of gifts. The Valentine’s color scheme embraces red and pink, inspired by associations with the heart and the rose. 

We have numerous cannabinoid-infused treats that will be perfectly color-coordinated when given alongside a bouquet of roses or flowers. Whether your love prefers CBD gummies like our Raspberries or Butterflies, Honey Bear jars, or vapes, we have the ideal gift for the occasion.

CBD Gummies for Valentine’s Day

Our Red Raspberry and Butterfly CBD Gummy Jars against a background of pink roses. With text that reads CBD Gummies.


Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide begins with a highlight of our Red Raspberry and Butterfly CBD gummies. These CBD isolate-infused candies offer relief from anxiety and stress. The Red Raspberry gummies are bright red like roses, and unleash a sweet garden-fresh berry aroma upon opening. 

For a more colorful alternative that will look better alongside a bouquet of multi-hued flowers, our CBD Butterfly gummies will please your partner. Each jar houses an assortment of flavors and colors, all of them sweet and chewy. 

Hemp-Infused Honey: The Sweetest Gift of All

 Our Delta-8 Honey Bear Jars, Strawberry and Chocolate-flavored. The text reads Delta-8 Honey.


For an intensity of sweetness beyond what gummies can offer, our honey bear jars are a tempting option. We make them with Delta-8 THC distillate, a hemp-sourced cannabinoid that imparts a relaxing, euphoric buzz. Enjoy a teaspoon with your loved one and settle in for a cozy night together. 

Our Delta-8 honey bears are available in six varieties, including unflavored. For that Valentine’s Day flair, we recommend the strawberry flavor for its red color and sweet berry taste. We also have a chocolate flavor that is perfect for drizzling on truffles to give them a hemp-powered relaxing effect.

Valentine’s Day Vapes

A display of our Strawberry Cough and Cherry Pie vape products.

Some cannabis enthusiasts prefer the fast onset of vapes. While not as sweet as honey or gummies, the quick effect and smooth vapor are pleasures in their own right. Our recommended Valentine’s Day vape selections include two of our standout strains, Strawberry Cough and Cherry Pie. Both are available in Delta-8, with Strawberry Cough having an HHC option, as well.

Strawberry Cough is an energizing, uplifting Sativa-forward strain. It leads with a berry taste, but notes of pine and pepper give it spice and complexity. If your love prefers the sleepy, relaxed feel of Delta-8, we have this flavor available as both a tank and a self-contained vape. You will want to choose this based on whether your recipient has a vape battery that they can attach tanks to. 

We also formulate our Strawberry Cough with HHC, a cannabinoid that is less potent than Delta-8, but less likely to cause feelings of sedation. 

For those seeking a deeper, richer flavor, we are proud to highlight our Cherry Pie Three-In-One Delta-8 vape. This strain leads with a potent cherry kick, but notes of woody earth give it a boldness outside the scope of most fruity strains. Best of all, it comes in our Three-In-One vape system, which allows you to switch between hybrid, Indica, and Sativa effects. For the cannabis vapor lover who has it all, this makes an impressive and adaptable Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: The Final Word

Whatever your romantic partner’s cannabis preferences are, we have a holiday-appropriate gift option for them that will make them beam with happiness. If this talk of CBD, Delta-8, and HHC has you confused, we have comparison guides available here and here. We also encourage you to make an account and take advantage of our loyalty program, which will help you save money. Thank you for reading!

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