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R.A. Royal CBD Crystall Oral Tincture, Two Recipes

An image showing matcha green tea powder and a mangonada, two excellent refreshments suitable for adding CBD oral tincture to.

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Our CBD oral tinctures are our most customizable product, with seven potencies and nine flavor options to choose from. While you can experience their effects fastest by placing a dropper's worth under your tongue, they have a much wider range of potential uses. They function wonderfully as a beverage or food additive, as we are happy to outline below in these two CBD tincture recipes.


CBD Matcha Latte Recipe:

An image displaying a small bowl of Japanese matcha green tea powder, along with three varieties of Crystall CBD oral tincture that meld well with it.

For those who may not have enjoyed matcha, it is a whole-leaf powdered tea made from stone-ground Japanese green tea leaves. It has a light, grassy, vegetal quality that is refreshing whether iced or hot. Since it is a whole-leaf tea rather than steeped, it contains about ten times the nutrients that brewed green tea has. Its light caffeine content makes it a great companion to CBD. We recommend using a quality Japanese brand like Itoen. Premium culinary grade matcha is great for drinking, although those who seek the highest quality may want to try ceremonial grade.

You prepare matcha by mixing the powder with water using either a specialized bamboo whisk (pictured above) or an electric stirrer. A small blender would also be suitable. If using a blender, simply add all your ingredients and mix, but be sure to sift your matcha first. Since we are making a latte, we are going to blend our matcha with a small amount of water, then add our CBD tincture to the mix, before finally adding it to our choice of milk.

As for CBD oral tincture flavors, we particularly recommend blueberry, cake, or green apple for pairing with green tea, but any, including unflavored, will be great. If you are drinking it hot, be sure not to use water above 176 degrees Fahrenheit, or you risk over brewing and turning your tea bitter.

CBD Matcha Latte Ingredients:

  • One to two teaspoons of matcha.
  • Two ounces of water (your choice of temperature, not exceeding 176 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Ten ounces of your choice of milk.
  • One dropperful of R.A. Royal Crystall CBD oral tincture (your choice of flavor and potency).
  • Sweetener (optional, your choice of type and quantity).

Matcha Latte Recipe Steps:

  1. First, sift your matcha by spooning one to two teaspoons (if new to matcha, use one teaspoon) into a fine strainer positioned over your cup. This prevents it from clumping, which is important in preventing bitter nuggets from forming in your drink. Push the tea through the strainer until it is dispersed into the bowl.
  2. Now add two ounces of water to the cup. It can be cold, room temperature, or hot, as long as it does not exceed 176 Fahrenheit.
  3. Mix the matcha with the water using your whisk or electric mixer. If using a whisk, use a side-to side motion to build up a dense foam.
  4. Once your matcha is well-mixed, it is time to add the Crystall CBD oral tincture. Use an amount you are acclimated to. Whisk again until well-mixed.
  5. Next, add your matcha foam to ten ounces of your milk of choice. You can use any type: cow's milk, soy, oat, almond, or coconut, for example. If using a plant-based milk, ensure it is well-shaken before adding the matcha foam. 
  6. Matcha is traditionally used without sweeteners, but you will want to add an easily-dissolved sweetener of your choice to your cup if you want some sweetness. 
  7. Mix the contents of your cup. Enjoy! We have one more CBD oral tincture recipe for you to enjoy below.


 CBD Mangonada

If you have never experienced this fruity, spicy, tart, and sweet Mexican treat, ready yourself for a true delight. It is even more delightful with our Crystall CBD oral tincture mixed in for a soothing, relaxing effect.

It is essentially a mango smoothie, but with lime, chili-lime spice, and a tangy fruit sauce known as chamoy. For full authenticity you can garnish it with a candy tamarind straw, known as a Tarugo, available at Latin groceries or online, but this is optional.

The chamoy is an essential ingredient to the CBD mangonada. You can also obtain it from your local Latin grocer or online, but homemade is best. The following guide outlines the process, which interestingly calls for prunes and dried apricots, both of which we infuse with CBD. Make your chamoy with our CBD dried fruit for an extra dose of hemp cannabinoids!


CBD Mangonada Ingredients:

  • Mangos: They will need to be frozen. Reserve some from blending to top your cup with
  • Juice: Mango juice is ideal, but other tropical juices, such as guava or soursop, will add a fun flavor variation. Use less juice and add some water if you are sensitive to sugar.
  • Lime juice: Use the juice from one medium or large lime, or two small ones. Lemon is an acceptable substitute.
  • One dropperful of R.A. Royal Crystall CBD oral tincture per serving (your choice of flavor and potency; we recommend mango, strawberry, or tropical fruit mix).
  • Chili lime seasoning: The most famous store brand is Tajin, which should be available in your local grocery's Latin section.
  • Chamoy: Best enjoyed homemade, particularly made with our CBD prunes and apricots.
  • Tamarind Candy Straws: Optional, but they add a fun spicy and sweet kick as a garnish and dipping utensil.

CBD Mangonada Steps:

  1. Blend the frozen mango, fruit juice, lime juice, Crystall CBD Oral Tincture, and some ice.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Take a clear cup and add splashes of chamoy to the sides and bottom.
  4. Pour in your CBD/mango smoothie.
  5. Top with more mango chucks.
  6. Add a sprinkle of chili lime spice.
  7. Optionally, garnish with more chamoy and a tamarind straw. Enjoy!


We hope you have enjoyed this glimpse at what is possible when using our CBD oral tincture recipes. We hope you will use Crystall CBD in as many ways as you can imagine.




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