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CBD for Pet Relief: How can Hemp Help my Cat or Dog?

Four jars of Joypets CBD dog treats and three jars of CBD cat treats against a green gradient background. The best CBD for pet relief.

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CBD for Pet Relief: Is It Effective?

CBD is most often sold as a product for humans to enjoy. However, our pets have much to gain from this highly beneficial compound, as well. Cats and dogs are prone to many maladies that can impact their quality of life, such as arthritis, pain, and stress. Joypets CBD addresses these issues by combining pure CBD isolate with high-quality treats and tincture liquids. Read on to see how Joypets hemp can help your pets.


What Should I Know Before Giving My Pet CBD?

Any responsible pet owner would have questions before giving their pet a new supplement. Perhaps the most common question concerning CBD for pets is:

Will CBD Make my Pet High?

The answer is a resounding "No." All of our products, including Joypets treats and tinctures, use CBD and/or cannabinoids that are refined from organic industrial hemp plants. None of our products are sourced from THC-dominant cannabis plants. 

What Conditions are Joypets CBD Products Effective at Treating? 

Scientific studies concerning the chemical effects of CBD, whether for humans or animals, are still in progress. However, numerous anecdotal accounts point to CBD as being an effective treatment for many conditions that pets may face, including:


Cats, dogs, and other pets can experience stress and anxiety, just like their human caretakers. However, the causes can be difficult to discern, and can include hard-to-control causes like loud noises from weather, unfamiliar guests in the home, or other changes in routine. This can manifest as all sorts of undesirable behaviors, such as over-grooming to the point of causing wounds. This is one of the main uses of CBD for pet relief, but a visit to the vet may still be called for if there is another underlying issue.



The American Kennel Club notes that CBD is anecdotally known to be particularly useful for treating pain from neuropathy (nerve pain) in pets. However, it can manage other causes of pain as well, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This can improve your pet's mobility, mood, and overall health.  


Which Joypets CBD product is Best for Pet Relief?

We have a stellar variety of treats and tinctures for cats and dogs. If your dog is on a limited-ingredient diet, we have many treats, such as our Peanut Butter Bones, that are free of grains, corn, wheat, and soy. If your pet is particular about what food they like, or if you want to strictly measure out the CBD dosage, our tinctures are liquids that you can either add to your food of choice or administer directly in the mouth. Our tinctures for dogs come in three potencies for dogs of small, medium, or large size. No matter your pet's needs, Joypets has a product to help them feel better.





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