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New Delta-8 THC Vapes Available!

A lineup of all eight varieties of our new 1800 MG delta-8 THC hemp vapes. They are black boxes with colorful splashes displaying the flavors.

RA Royal |

Welcome to Delta-8 Vaping Perfection

Our new delta-8 THC hemp vapes represent the height of the D8 experience. We pursued several goals in creating this line of vapes: potency, purity, and flavor. Suffice it to say, we have succeeded wildly, resulting in a selection of cannabis strain-inspired hemp vapes containing only two ingredients: smooth and potent delta-8 distillate and natural terpenes. Each delta-8 THC hemp vapes packs two grams of D8 distillate for about 1800 MG of hemp-derived THC. They are rechargeable via USB-C.


What Flavors of Delta-8 THC Hemp Vapes are Available?

We have a bold series of eight cannabis-inspired delta-8 THC hemp vapes, with effects ranging from Indica to Sativa to various hybrids. Here are three highlights:


Sour Tangie (Sativa)

Lovers of sourness, citrus, and stimulating terpenes rejoice: this is the vape you've been looking for. Striking flavors of lime and tangerine dominate, with slight notes of earth creeping in to strong hits. Expect to feel the quick onset of a perky, alert euphoria. As with all delta-8 experiences, you can still anticipate an eventual sense of restful relaxation.


Banana Runtz (Hybrid)

Candy shop banana fruit flavor takes center stage here, though it has complexity due to strong notes of herbals and florals. The cannabis undertone shines through as a nod to the famous Runtz strain. Its effect is a mood-uplifting, talkative euphoria followed by sleepy relaxation.


Purple Punch (Indica)

Save this delta-8 THC hemp vape for a day at home, because this sleepy Indica provides deep relaxation. Its main flavor is an herby candy-like hit, somewhat like sassafras. It is buoyed by a strawberry/grape punch juiciness. Prepare for droopy eyelids and relaxed muscles.


What are the Effects of your Delta-8 Vapes?

Any kind of delta-8 THC hemp vape's primary effects are determined by the distillate base. Flavors, moods, and experiences vary depending on the terpenes present, however. Delta-8, which is the only cannabinoid present in these vapes, is milder than that of delta-9. It also has a tendency to create a more relaxed form of euphoria that is physical and mental. This is due to delta-8 THC's chemical effect on the body. The onset time for vaping any form of THC is a matter of a few short minutes, so you can expect to feel the effects quickly.

Thanks for reading, and please browse our new D8 hemp vape selection today.

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